JSingles Reviews. Juggalos on OKCupid. Because Juggalos need love too

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JSingles Reviews. Juggalos on OKCupid. Because Juggalos need love too

Im 24 yrs old. I’ve a tremendously character this is certainly sarcastic. I have a son whos 2 & ВЅ years old. (Father hasn’t held its spot in the life/No daddy’ drama) we simply work on children R’ Us.

My Hobbies would include: Listening to Music, composing, Drawing/coloring, Playing on line flash games, Socializing, eating, Partying, Driving around aimlessly, Smoking the green material, Dyeing my hair, Tattoos, Piercings, Photography.

Things we like/love: Friends, taking pictures, getting tattoos, Texting, Shoes(Etnies), Rainbows, performing, Dancing, Swimming.

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Ive 11 tattoos. And about to have significantly more. Today my ears are gauged, at a 1/2inch at the time of. I adore performers! A man/woman who can enjoy your guitar or some siiick nasty drum solos would definately benefit my free chat room dutch heart! Sucker for several kinds which can be talented! And musical is a lot like my life. Though We dont play. Maybe some vehicle karaoke.. Hahah.. We love ICP/Psychopathic Records, Brokencyde, BOTDF, Alesana, Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Evanescence, Sublime, RHCP, and all sorts of kinds regarding the love. Get familiar with me! ?? I’m awsome!

Don’t be concerned, ninja. If juggalos somehow are satisfying each other through this tumblr, however, that’s simply a exceptional bonus that is amazing.

We didnt choose the thug life.. However the FBI thinks we did. Whoop whoop.

The thing I’m doing with my life:

The very very first things people frequently notice about us:

I assume we’ve a tendency become only a little emotional.. but i am never ever ? that is ever boring Sooooo if the perhaps not big enuff to push the rollercoaster, do not choose the solution.

We spend an entire lot of the time considering:

My mind is continually rotating throughout the day this is certainly random time for you trying to keep up with the noises in my own brain quiet..

For a friday that is typical we have always been:

It varies, but mostly chillin with my crew..Whoop Whoop.. or blazing up with my brother.. kinda require a good guy in my own life too assist me to rest in on Saturday.. sleep optional lol

The crucial thing that is personal pleased to admit:

That we’m never ever likely to be the lady. Basically the other girl.

You should content me personally if:

Your down.. please.. We never got time for games.. If you state your a proper man than behave enjoy it.. not a little kid who is prone to waste my time.

My names Scott, i am http://datingmentor.org/california-stockton-dating/ a 28yo scorpio, that is Portuguese, French, and Irish! Im precisely about my music, thats my love that is first lol’m alwaysvery intuitive & have a tendency to observe every thing. Besides MA, i have been fortunate enough to obtain resided in FL, NY, & CA and likewise had the opportunity to travel across the globe, about to a some of the wealthiest areas, satisfying a wide range of the wealthiest individuals! Ienjoy the populou town & appreciate the countryI adore traveling. I’m furthermore A boston this is certainly huge celtics, and often enjoy visiting the games. Furthermore love playin 45’s and texas hold’em.

We will be charming, intimate, and verry attentive!

What I’m doing with my life:

We offer helicopters but I’m wanting to check out wrestling college that is professional

I am androgynous both in look and nature. We do not really rely on sex guidelines only at that some time We do not limit myself to anyone through the bbecauseis that is single of in terms of that goes.

Much like my look, my relationship ideals could be unconventional. I am a complete lot a lot more of a realist than a romantic. We do not have confidence in Hollywood relationship. I do believe more in 2 individuals sharing and linking their life.

My perfect date this is certainly first have actually to become more than one linked to the following:-Coffee and treats at BAM-A trip to Red River Theater-Lunch at Panera Bread-An afternoon hike or bike ride-Lay within the bonnet staring up during the stars-A alcohol that is small an evening when you look at the beach-Dancing the evening time away at a club

I will be dorky, artsy, and smart

In my experience eating, is for a good time with party and laughing, NOT for thinking and anger.Id think it better, if it rained during the night, ONLY.we dislike ripping available lettuce head synthetic bags.And bare foot for a ground with pets in identical household.Beautiful ppl standing meI worknowhere beside me personally make me feel genuine tom boyish.Movies, are never to pass time, but to talk to one on team opinionated debates.Dating, is wasteful if there isnt attraction when you look at the body AND head.Relationships, are worthless when there is no available opportunity for butterfly into the stomach-knives into the edges love.personal. More hearts for boyish looksnot menly looks.I think dudes tend to be more appealing without facial hair.Im a nut for mopheads.I aim being an arrow toward shyness. And we additionally focus on quirks in character..but not such apparent things which they even know about.I just got far from Porter and Chester Institute as taking into consideration the industry that is medical the task target. Im wanting to get myself in a university for hand analysis that is composing criminology, physics, forensics, and dance.Haha.

We will be Heart before Brain, Solicitous, and lustful but fearful.