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Without a doubt more about Anonymous Asexual

Rating Overview

On very first l k it isn’t the thing that is worst, but on closer assessment this has means t many flaws to be above a two. But, she actually is attempting to enhance, which means this rating may alter.

Bitchy primary character, bitchy minority, bitchy love interest, bitchy straw males.

I do believe Luna possessed a Patreon, but i cannot make sure.

What is not to ever love about another furious trans woman drawing comics straw that is attacking?


  • 1 Background
  • 2 Downfall
  • 3 Tale and Plot
  • 4 Art review
  • 5 review that is writing
  • 6 Author biography
  • 7 HRT Debate
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We first discovered this webcomic regarding the discussion boards, and after reading it I am able to properly state it really is a chimera that is foul of and Assigned Male, although not since bad as either.


This webcomic constantly sucked.

Tale and Plot

Art review

Luna’s art has improved quite a bit within the years, but there is nevertheless a great deal to be desired. Their poses be removed searching stiff and squatty; they usually have a tendency that is bad draw hands reduced than they must be, specially when they are at an angle. Systems are not attracted to measure with heads. Their facial expressions are bland and have a tendency to l k copy/pasted with small r m for exaggeration, as s n as they’ve been exaggerated it l ks actually down from the rigid posing and models. How they color blush is indeed saturated it l k like the character’s face is burned and clashes pretty p rly with the muted colors they otherwise use that it makes. If you find shading, it is carried out by going along in value regarding the color wheel and eventually ends up making a muddled, grayed down l k.

Writing review

The character that is main self-insert, Luna, is an adolescent with t thpaste locks and a fiery anger for folks they disagree with. In many strips they have red within the face an individual states one thing since trivial as “How dare you ignore my critique of one’s art!”, “that does not seem sensible. ” to homosexual males utilizing slurs which they’ve reclaimed on what they can/cannot reclaim despite not being a gay man themself “OK, y’know what for themselves, policing them? I do not care if you should be homosexual, that word livelinks hookup is NOT a joke!” The comic falls to the regrettable rut that most tumblr discourse comics get into, presenting Luna once the “always right” authority figure whilst the figures representing the ‘opposite part’ are created away to be aggravated, unintelligent infants. It inspires little to no discussion that is actual critical reasoning and mostly simply panders to your fake woke mogai audience.

Another character may be the token minority, Cheppi, that is a indigenous American employed for around three strips after which mostly forgotten. As s n as used to generally share a pipeline, quite disrespectfully i do believe.

The comic fails spectacularly in terms of comedy. I am maybe not certain that it really is allowed to be completely comedic, nevertheless the strips which are intended that real way fall flat. Being a artistic medium, the art should compliment the accumulation, which when it comes to AA, it does not. Strips which could’ve been notably entertaining wind up reading through uncomfortably either by way of p r staging or expressions maybe not being extended sufficient.

I do believe the final step-by-step a person is Syrasi, love interest of Luna and quite often utilized being a background LGBT token.

Then will be the straw guys.

Oh god, the straw men.

The straw guys in this webcomic are shown to be nosy, whiny, insensitive and rude. All the straw males, with the exception of perhaps one, is cis, white and right, the trinity that is unholy. (Funny thing, they generally’re more likable than Luna.)

Author biography

Very little is well known about Luna, but it is safe to imagine they are just like their self-insert aka whiny, bitchy and prone to exploding. A few things which can be known about them is the fact that they do not think kinks are intimate and run a “sfw” vore weblog.

HRT Controversy

That is right, Luna got in some trouble for saying they don’t like HRT because “Bad human body smell, more human body locks, the opportunity we’ll get a sexual drive- we simply want muscle tissue and a solid jawline.” Clearly everyone was angry they deleted the comic at them for posting this, so.

Seriously, I’m not sure things to consider this. Does she hate trans males, does she simply hate guys overall or both?


Luna’s rigid art and physiology, with their bad color scheme, clash difficult along with their p r writing and staging. They get into the territory of utilizing their comic to preach towards the choir, rather than encourage real thinking that is critical the folks they are arguing against. The utilization of straw males over real arguments ultimately ends up making their claims appear less legitimate and makes her self insert pretty unlikable as being a protagonist. The colour palette has to be enhanced, beginning with using more vibrant colors and never shading with black colored, and additionally they intend to make improvements towards the character physiology (people aren’t bobble minds.)